Take A Stand Or Watch From The Stands

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We are a bunch of young people looking to make a mark in the world by getting our names in the History books for all time through high quality content. We go to the depths of the ocean and fight Currents, Tsunamis, Tornados, Waterfalls, making our way to the content that is worthwhile and truly deserves the Spotlight i.e. you the Readers.

We know that you are as important as the President, Prime Minister or a CEO of a MultiNational Corporation. We think that you’re even more important than all of them combined as each second to you is as important that it can’t be wasted finding good noteworthy content in the vast ocean that is the World Wide Web. We value your time so thats why its our aim to find the right content for you.

We go to the scary depths of the ocean and find those people whose content is so Mind Blowing that it deserves to be seen by you, but were hindered by the Huge Tidal Waves and Waterfalls that couldn’t let them reach to the top. They deserve to be heard and seen by you as they have dedicated their lives for the betterment of society in their own ways. They don’t want to just become another drop of water in the ocean but want to Take a Stand and go apart from the ocean, To become something more, a Legend in their Own Terms. They, like us want to make a mark in History and go to Infinity and Beyond. We’ll Bring that content to the limelight and infront Of You “OUR READERS”. Thats why our motto is

Take A Stand or Watch From The Stands

The Daily Pool

Everyday we comb the internet for the most interesting, most impactful news in business, tech, and entrepreneurship and send them straight to your inbox. Think of it as a daily newspaper that only talks about stuff you care about and is delivered by technology rather than a paper boy making 10¢ an hour. Want to give it a shot?

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Pool Blog

Our Blog is currently a new born baby which we are nurturing to become something that fully defines the brand of WHITEPOOL. It will slowly grow to become one of the trusted blogs in Pakistan. 

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